7 Proven Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

Being a home builder means your main objective is to satisfy your clients. Creating a custom home tailored to suit their specifications can be daunting but worth it at the end of the day. Unfortunately, this means that you won’t be satisfied if you aren’t happy. But that’s just one part of the overall business task. What’s the other part? Marketing your services to prospective customers.

When it comes to digitally marketing your services, reaching your preferred customers can be quite a struggle. How do you go about surfing for new but effective home builder marketing strategies in a world where you have more quantity than quality? So, it’s not surprising that you are having a hard time finding one or putting together a cohesive strategy.

But you need not fret; that’s why we are here. You didn’t just stumble upon this particular article. In this detailed piece, we’ll show you how to reach your target audience using the right digital marketing strategy.


Why do you need an online marketing strategy for home building services?

The importance of digital marketing for home builders can never be overemphasized. Interestingly, all prospective customers will begin to respond to marketing uniquely. Unfortunately, this means online marketing strategies that were once deemed effective will no longer be effective and tenable or have the impact they once had.

Meanwhile, marketing methods such as commercials, directly sending mails to targeted prospective clients, and placing ads on billboards no longer attract the desired traffic they once had. The consumers that are popping up right now see these previously highlighted marketing strategies as interruptions – and to be fair, they are right to an extent. So, instead of investing a large chunk of your marketing budget on these marketing strategies, you should focus more on investing in the digital market.

When the said customers need a particular product or service, they go surf the internet and use different search engines, with the popular option being the Google Search Engine. They use Google to find various businesses that provide what they need. The standard route they take is visiting multiple sites and comparing the product or services before purchasing or contacting the preferred service provider.

7 Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

Let’s explore seven marketing strategies for home builders that will help you reach more customers and turn them into leads than the conventional marketing strategies you’ve invested in.

1. Email Newsletter

Some of the prospective customers you seek are indecisive. And even though they are interested in your home building services, they aren’t sure if they want to make a purchase. As a home  builder, what you wish to do at this point is reach out to them. Keeping in touch with them ensures that you remain at the back of their mind. There will always be that future opportunity—what better option than opting for email marketing.

By setting up an email newsletter that customers can sign up for on your business website, you ultimately increase your chances of talking to these potential customers about the innovations in home construction. You will also share the benefits of building new homes or talk about the homes your company has helped create. These and many more are just some of the things you’ll communicate with them. As long as they are on your subscription list, they’ll keep getting these messages. As a result, I will feel like you are speaking to them. Personally, this will help make them more decisive.

Interestingly, email marketing is the least expensive digital marketing strategy you can ever invest in. With it, you’ll be able to reach customers and prospective clients without spending much. You can use the content you have on your blog page while also reminding them of what you do and highlighting other specials. Unfortunately, this aspect of content marketing is often neglected.

2. Publish Relevant Content

Publishing relevant content on your website will ensure that you exude trust, professionalism, and reliability. Writing and publishing informative content is one of the most effective online marketing strategies for home builders and all industries. Content exists in videos, infographics, articles, blog posts, and high-quality images.

Publishing quality content on your website will help educate your customers about your services or the topics related to these services.

But note, content on its own doesn’t usually translate to more traffic and sales. However, any SEO strategy isn’t worth anything if you don’t have relevant content on your site. With the right content, you can improve your site’s SEO and create more awareness for your company.

3. Search Engine Optimization


Nothing beats optimizing your company’s website for the online search. When an internet user types a particular phrase or word on Google or any other search engine, thousands of calculations occur. In addition, some conditions are triggered behind the scenes to determine which web pages show in the results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help your website rank well on SERPs to ensure you’ve a better chance of ranking well in these different search results.

If your company’s website doesn’t rank well for phrases such as “home builder New Jersey” if you build custom homes in New Jersey, it would be difficult to gain organic traffic via this particular phrase. We highlighted how you could optimize your website in a different article we published. Some of the tips we shared included:

  • In this case, writing relevant content would mean writing content about home building.
  • Ensuring that you have the commonly used phrases relating to home building in different titles of your web pages.
  • Putting these keywords in the copy published on your website’s homepage.

Factors to consider when creating a working SEO strategy for your home building services

What are some factors to consider when investing in an operational SEO strategy? Besides dedicating enough time to the growth of your website, there are other aspects to consider. The other factors to consider include:

A Functional Website

It will be counterproductive if you are trying to invest in an effective SEO strategy but have a non-functional website. Evaluate your business website, and see if it is responsive and functional. A website can be visually appealing but lacks functionality. Some SEO elements ought to be present on your website to improve your online visibility.

Is your website intuitive enough? Is the interface easy to navigate? These add to the appeal of your business website.

Creating a Relevant Content

Your business website won’t be complete if it has no blogging section. Most of the relevant content on a website is housed in the blogging department. Blogging is, without a doubt, a crucial content marketing strategy. It helps deliver valuable information to your prospective client while also taking advantage of web crawling bots used by various search engines. You need not go overboard with the word counts. But it would help if you post consistently – by consistently, we mean publishing at least two times weekly to keep your website relevant. Finally, optimizing your website includes earning solid links from other reputable websites.

4. Explore the Social Media Options

Yes, social media matters! Social media lets you reach prospective clients. However, the goal isn’t just to get these customers by delivering valuable information that would make them come to you, thus, converting them into consistent buyers.

However, harnessing social media’s perks may sound complicated, especially for home builders. But that’s if you don’t have the right strategy. This marketing strategy remains one of the best ways to build and maintain relationships with clients. With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you can reach out to new clients, understand their needs, offer tailored services based on the feedback they provide and build a lasting relationship with them.

Home builders using social media will find it ideal for interacting with potential buyers – answering questions that pertain to the services you are providing. To build relevance, you can keep your pages active by uploading photos of new constructions and homes and converse with those who love your brand.

You can curate relevant content, such as articles that relate to your business, using Twitter. You can explore the visual appeal of Instagram by showcasing amazing videos or photos of your business activities. One other social media platform that’s worth noting is Pinterest. Create unique boards for home details, paint color schemes, or some of your unique interior designs. The sites’ users may find these boards, explore them, and it would ultimately lead them to your business.

You can easily find topics that relate to your brands and measure how well they view your brand and the impressions they have of your home building services. Being aware of these conversations can benefit your business greatly.

5. Showcase Your Portfolio

Create high-quality photo galleries of the homes you’ve built and the construction you are currently working on. Remember, custom homes are visual items. Hence, they require a considerable time and money investment. Meanwhile, capturing the curiosity and interest of your potential buyers takes a whole lot of work. But it can’t be done if you show them samples of your previous work. It would be best if you had a portfolio section on your website or uploaded quality images of the projects you’ve worked on so far.

Curating samples of your previous work can help harness the potential of prior clients to help gain new ones. It’s one of the easiest ways to convert prospective customers from just leading to actual customers.

Asides from uploading photos to your social media pages, you can have a testimonial and a portfolio section on your business website. The goal is to tell captivating stories with these pages. You know what they say – seeing is believing; this is true with the custom homes you’ve curated on your website or social media pages. And if they are impressed or captivated by the story you’ve told through these pages, they may choose you as their next builder.

6. The PPC Marketing Strategy

When done well, investing in a PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing strategy is worth it. You have to ensure that these ads are consistently and appropriately done. Meanwhile, you need to carefully narrow your target audience wisely and analyze the platform you want to advertise on. However, what you should avoid people who reside in a different region and teenagers.

7. Using a Customer Relationship Manager

It is understandable if, at this point, you have a lot on your plate. Creating an effective SEO strategy for any business takes a lot of effort. But what if you have a way to remove and automate all these strategies? That would ultimately reduce the workload and the stress attached to these strategies. So, how do you go about it?

Purchasing a CRM would ensure that your marketing strategy is automated. Investing in a CRM could be one of the best things you do to increase brand awareness. With a CRM, you can manage your customer contacts with ease. Customer Relationship Managers also ensure that you add a personal touch to your customer interactions. Additionally, you’ll be able to access information that pertains to prospective clients, vendors, real estate agents, and every other person you have on your team.

How can we help?

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