Franchise SEO: How to Grow Your Franchise Business Utilising SEO

Franchise SEO

Optimising a website to rank on search engine platforms such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc., for words or terms related to your business is called search engine optimization (SEO). The main goal of search engine optimization is to gain traction and get more traffic to your website and, in this context, to your franchise business.

The internet is undoubtedly a valuable tool built to help find products and services, though, with this increased competition, it is difficult to stay unique and edge out your competitors. This is why investing in SEO is a smart move to grow your franchise business.

What is Franchise SEO?

Franchise SEO, on the other hand, refers to the process involved in growing your franchise business online. It refers to a broad term given to the different tactics and strategies used to improve search visibility for franchise businesses.

These strategies often include the use of content creation, as well as adopting local SEO strategies solely for the reason of ranking a local franchise opportunity website. SEO experts resort to these different strategies when necessary to onboard new franchisees.

When creating an intuitive SEO campaign for your franchise business or businesses, you need a comprehensive approach, as the curated content must be properly managed across all platforms. Adopting a holistic approach would include the franchise’s Google My Business, content, third-party review platforms, and social media.

Depending on the size of your business, this could mean equipping your franchises to make updates to synchronise the responsibility or making updates to your profiles to a marketing agency, internal manager, or the master franchise business.

Improved Rankings for Franchisees

With a consistent SEO franchise campaign, businesses can enjoy spiked visibility and the success of investing in such strategies. Each franchise competes within a personalized local search engine results page (also called SERP). Meanwhile, the better and more effective the visibility achieved, the better the businesses perform.

Improved business visibility and traction in localized searches, especially across the country where the business is situated, has a knock-on effect on the franchise business because it builds trust, and improves brand awareness, while also generating inquiries from prospective franchise businesses.

The Search Visibility for The Franchise Brand

Improving the brand’s visibility is as essential as ensuring the progress of the individual franchises. So naturally, these businesses will compete for visibility amongst commonly searched terms within the niche realm.

A franchise’s search engine optimization strategy includes a content creation plan tailored around the keywords (commonly searched business terms) adopted by new franchises. By intentionally targeting these commonly searched terms, these local franchise businesses can edge out their competition, ensuring their website content has a huge share of top-ranking search results.

The Benefits of SEO For Franchise Businesses

To have a successful franchise business, it is crucial that the different locations can maintain consistent strategies – strategies that include branding and marketing. Maintaining a consistent strategy can be achieved by investing in search engine optimization. With this type of SEO, franchises can establish consistency across the entire location by enabling you to configure and set up a digital marketing plan that will surely work in the different locations.

Thanks to the adapted SEO strategy, your franchises will be established as a big brand in the industry while also ensuring that you attract an audience who is interested in the product or services you are offering.

This will undoubtedly improve your brand’s image and reputation, an action that can impact how your business will fair at attracting prospective customers. How successful this approach is depends solely on the quality of the content published on the website for consumers and prospective consumers to view when accessed and whether or not there are similar products or services out there competing with what you are offering.

Investing in quality franchise SEO is a perfect way to drive traffic and increase your site’s visibility. It also increases the number of prospective buyers in your sales funnel. However, SEO transcends getting more prospective customers to find your franchise on search engines like Google, its also about offering them what they desire once they view your website. in order words, search engine optimization can help with lead generation by ensuring your visitors have great experiences when touring your website.

Investing in an advanced but localized franchise search engine optimization tailored for franchisees and franchisors.

Summary: Franchise SEO is packed with a wide range of perks, including:

  • When applied well, it increases the revenue of the franchise business
  • It increases the traffic and traction of the website owned by the business
  • It helps to build the needed awareness for your brand
  • It increases sales, appointments, and reservations

8 Essential SEO Strategies for Franchise Success

1. Add Keywords to all headers

Regardless of your experience in franchise SEO, it will be difficult to drive traffic to a website without adhering to the major SEO ethics. For example, if you want to rank a page, you need to add keywords to headers. HTML heading tags are used to format content headings on a webpage in order of importance. The <H1> tag, for instance, shows Google and other search engines the expected contents on a webpage. And if you wish to have your site visible on the first page and rank well on search engine results pages, you will make sure that keywords are creatively and organically added to the headings.

2. Your Franchise Needs a Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a webmaster tool designed primarily for competitive keyword research. It is most useful for advanced SEO experts in need of optimizing their websites for the sole purpose of search visibility and driving traffic.

Google Search Console does more than identify a website’s location since it (the website location) changes over time. It lets you prioritize the keywords you need while also tracking the progress of the content, improving rankings for your business.

3. Link Building

Link building is the core section of a successful SEO strategy. It is referred to as the art of attracting prospective customers or readers to your site via quality content. Link building involves using various approaches and tactics to target selected blogs and websites to encourage visitors to engage with them. SEO experts invest time and money to understand how people engage with similar websites to improve the buyer-seller relationship. The whole idea is to find blogs or websites in the same niche and ask them to link to your website. Link building for franchises is key.

4. List your franchise locations on Yelp.

Listing your franchise locations on Yelp is one of the popular tactics SEO experts use to gain visibility for a website. When internet users aren’t using Google to find a highly-rated job, they often turn to review sites like Yelp to check their scores. Yelp is one of the most trusted third-party review sites. Registering your franchise location on such a platform will allow customers to share their experiences while also improving trust with prospective buyers researching their options.

Not doing this could mean you miss out on many potential customers – many of whom are closer to your franchise locations.

5. Create Customized Local Franchise Landing Pages

Creating customized local franchise landing pages will help distinguish those locations from the other ones. How do you implement franchise SEO best practices for each of these landing pages?

  • Create a prominent call to action and make it locally relevant
  • Provide links to these different franchise landing pages.
  • Manifest a range of low-competition but high-volume relevant keywords in your content. But make sure these keywords sound organic and not forced.
  • Add quality images with the right keyword alt text
  • Include your franchise location keywords within each heading
  • Point internal URL links to these landing pages using anchor text. Ensure that these anchor texts have enough keywords
  • Create relevant content that provides value to users. This works better than regurgitating low-quality content from other similar landing pages.
  • Keep your company’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) consistent with the citations for that location.

Make sure these franchise locations have local landing pages on your franchise business website. These different pages will serve as your brand’s main web presence and should remain linked to their Yelp listings.

6. Make use of location-based keywords in your web content.

Using location-based keywords will ensure that your franchise business website ranks well on all localized searches. Make sure your local landing pages have optimized titles that feature top-level keywords for which your business needs to rank. Also, each page should be linked to either from a location’s parent page or the site’s main navigation using the exact match anchor text.

For instance, if you are a Chinese restaurant based in New York, you’ll want to include “Chinese restaurant in New York” in crucial HTML elements such as headings, body copy, and title tags. You can also use nearby tourist destinations, names, and local landmarks as your brand’s target keywords.

7. Need help with Franchise SEO?

Franchise SEO has evolved into an essential part of internet marketing for well-known franchises. Interestingly, most franchises have increased their revenue by investing in and implementing SEO strategies like keywords via popular search engines.

We’ve got a team of experienced experts who have successfully catalogued lots of commonly used terms for most franchise businesses to help give your business the advantage it deserves.

8. What’s included in our Franchise SEO services?

Our localized franchise SEO service isn’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, we provide franchise owners with tailored localized franchise SEO services. Our SEO service will suit your needs in any particular market you wish to thrive in. We’ve got a team of seasoned SEO experts who will guide you and develop an effective SEO strategy for your franchisees and franchisors. These strategies are unique to all businesses and industries.

Localization is one of the core parts of online business marketing. With our franchise SEO services, you’ll be able to target the right audience and attract the right buyers for your business by clearly understanding what each prospective customer needs, that is, the habits prevalent in the area where your franchise is situated. We also deploy geo-targeting methods.

Without a doubt, localized SEO campaigns can be time-consuming and complex, but you need not worry. Our SEO experts have the skills and experiences needed to create a working local SEO strategy that will surely rank your business site efficiently. Our team of Franchise SEO experts has been doing this for decades. To create a suited system for your brand, we use the latest developments and trends to finetune our SEO strategies accordingly. So, are you ready to edge your competitions and dominate the “near me” SERPs? Get in touch with us, and we’ll let you know how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do Franchise SEO on my own?

There are some SEO strategies you can implement yourself. However, although anyone can learn and integrate the SEO fundamentals learned, establishing, adapting, and maintaining a comprehensive and successful SEO strategy requires frequent and consistent updates, a deep knowledge of SEO best practices, and advanced SEO tools.

Why is this type of SEO important?

Franchise SEO is an essential part of marketing a franchise business. On the other hand, the traditional marketing channels may perform well; search engine optimization for franchise websites ensures that websites prioritize brands and increase the online visibility of such brands. The process ultimately puts the brands in front of prospective buyers who are constantly searching for business services or searching for franchise opportunities.

Final Words

Creating an effective franchise SEO strategy and campaign for franchises with multiple locations has unique challenges. For example, a franchise website can sometimes have more than hundreds of web pages. Ensuring each page is well-optimised can be a complex task. But complexity and challenges aren’t the same as impossibility. Having a good SEO strategy and executing it on a consistent basis is vital for your franchise business growth.

At AdTuna, we offer customised franchise SEO Services to help you attract new customers and grow your franchise business. Schedule a strategy session today and discover how we can help your franchise business grow online.